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Anonymous sent: Hi I read that you saw Birdland yesterday, could you tell me about the dancing pretty please?? All I've seen is rumours and the pictures and I so want to know what it's like to expeirience

Oh man the dancing… [spoilers for Birdland for anyone scanning your dash and seeing this]

It’s used at the very beginning to start the show off, the lights going up to Paul dancing in front of all the other characters. Then it’s used mostly between scene changes, so Paul will break out into dance whilst the props get moved around a bit in the semi darkness. He’s joined by Johnny at one point and they both dance. At one point he takes his shirt off to dance, at another he wears a sort of waistcoat cropped at the waist. It’s kind of… idk, techo dancing with some 80’s groove? It’s hard to describe but Andrew is really fucking good at it.

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Andrew singing in “The Stag”

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it is my only weakness.

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Went to see Birdland yesterday, will post my thoughts on it later because honestly I think to give it any justice at all you need to mull on it for a while. Simply put, the whole cast is brilliant and Andrew is just electric. Then came home to find the nice unexpected surprise of a poster for The Stag signed by Andrew which is now making a lovely addition to my wall 

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The Stag - Film Clip: Night Swim

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Mormor AU: The night before Sherlock’s fall Jim isn’t acting like always. The rough and hard sex changes for the first time in sweet and slow love making. Sebastian doesn’t complain, he is delighted but the next morning he realises something is wrong. Jim is too focused in the last details to worry with the sniper. The real reason is that he can’t say to his man it was the last time they were going to be together.

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wolfhound46 said: I always go by the motto “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit”. I think this’ll work for you here :o)

This essay should definitely bewilder the examiners… I hope…

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